The Gardens

Te Popo’s 13 hectares has magic for all the senses. Birdsong will accompany your stroll through parkland encircled by borders of every colour, form & shape; a broadleaf and conifer woodland; and secret gardens tucked behind clipped hedges. Pristine waters flow through 50 feet deep river gorges and magnificent native trees, ferns and vines clothe the extensive forest trails. Three bridges, waterfalls and ponds bind these diverse elements into a unique cool temperate NZ experience. Hosted 4-star accommodation is a special feature.

Te Popo Gardens feature 34 acres of woodlands and gardens. It is an ideal place to tune in with nature. It’s a great place for couples or families to stroll through, have a picnic and relax. Every season comes with it’s own beautiful colours and story. You wouldn’t want to leave!

Planning a visit to Te Popo Gardens? It’s open all year round. We ask a small donation of $5 per person which helps maintaining the gardens.